Boobs; sexual or not?

I’ve never really discussed this matter before because, I personally don’t really have much of an opinion on it. I completely understand why many women want “Free The Nipple” equality, but at the same time I feel indifferent at the same time.

I see Free The Nipple as a fight for empowerment and equality among men as well as trying to educate men and women alike on what their breasts/nipples are actually for; which is breastfeeding… completely unsexual. But this is how I kind of see it:

Breasts/Nipples (on a woman) are sexualized, unfortunately. Things with time change and we naturally adapt with change. Yes, it is a pretty shitty thing to be told we cannot show our nipples because they are sexualized but here Muscle-Man-George can run around shirtless (despite the fact that most places require you to wear a shirt regardless of gender)

I feel as though, as a respectful thing to yourself and others around you; covering your breasts shouldn’t be an issue; however I’m personally not going to attack you if you support Free The Nipple, and I certainly do not disapprove of the movement; honestly I support it 100%.  You want rights to show your nipples? go ahead. Thats fine by me. I’m going to raise my children into being respectful and not feeling uncomfortable about breasts and knowing that they aren’t meant to be taken as strictly sexual. But like I said, this day and age nipples/breasts are considered sexual.

Its really hard to explain and I’m sure some neo-nazi-feminist will probably find a way to twist this entire thing into me saying that I want women to be oppressed (even though I directly said I support Free The Nipple)

But, again I’ll say this:

In present times breasts are seen as sacred-sexualized-things. By older generations, it is mostly seen as a respect thing for yourselves; not as a sexualized object. However, with the younger generation (about my age, 20s-30s)  many men(and women) only see them as sexual objects and should be covered. I believe proper education on breasts would be a better approach rather than trashing, bashing, and yelling at people and being rude who would prefer breasts to be strictly covered.  Fighting for equality is great, but please understand where some people see this as. Like me, and many other people, they see it as a respect thing for YOURSELF and OTHER people who feel uncomfortable around exposed breasts (which I know you can argue “Its natural, they shouldn’t be uncomfortable) but I’m sure there’s something that makes you uncomfortable that you wouldn’t like thrown in your face all the time, right?