Just a game dump for myself.

For Omega Quintet.  Crossed out are side quests I’ve done since I restarted because I found out I fucked my whole game. Red marks the quests that NEEDS to be done.  The numbers in parenthesis are the EP that helps you make sure you completed everything. I just wanted to put a dump of EVERYTHING right here that I either discovered myself or found online

If this is your first time playing this fucking game I swear read a fucking walkthrough so you dont waste your time. 

Side quest list
by Arrawnt
Chapter 1
Obtain Building Materials!
Chapter 2
A Cherished Megaphone
MAD Are Scary…
Requesting Healing Mist
Chapter 3 (EP 6000)
So Called ‘Errand’
Doll Soldier On A Mega-Rampage
Search For Really Heally
I Don’t Have Lavender Perfume!
Show Me A Skill! #1

Chapter 4 (11000)
*Get Off My Lawn!
*Show Me A Skill! #2 (unlocks removal lv.2)
*Show Me A Skill! #3 (Gives a jump upgrade)
*A Street Banner is a Fan’s Soul
*I Want a Vitamin Drink (After you get Aria and head back to the office for the next ! Event you need to return to Skyscraper Bunker. Consumable Item Blueprint 5 will have spawned inside the SW room and you’ll need to use Aria’s Dowsing ability)

Chapter 5(35.000)
This is Misery
*MAD Are Scary… The Sequel
Once-in-a-Lifetime Tortoiseshells
*A Humongous MAD! #1
Foot Diseases are Painful
*A Humongous MAD! #2
Taste For Strange Food
TS Classified
*Avenge Me!
Weapon Recovery Request
*Hunting For Mushrooms
So Burned Out
Get Happy!
*Gather Ingredients
*Show Me A Skill! #4
*Show Me A Skill! #5
*Show Me A Skill! #6 (unlocks analyze lv. 2)
*Be With the One You Adore
Protect the Bayside Plant!
Chapter 6(100.00)
I Want That Raw Material!
*My Precious
Breezy Mask
I Like Shiny Things
*A Storm of Regret
Interrupted Workout
*Security Pencil
Pendant in Loving Memory
Research Material Request
Repair the Weather Observatory
A Spooky Dare
*The Standard Lost Item
Eccentric Artist
Panacea, Please!
High Expectations
*Show Me A Skill! #7 (Gives a movement speed upgrade)
*Show Me A Skill! #8 (unlocks breakthrough and sacred zone lv 2)
*Show Me A Skill! #9 (unlocks Dowsing Lv.2)
*I Want to See a VM PV!
*The Folded Heart of a Fan

Chapter 7(400.000)
Get the Golden Kokeshi!
Missing Room Key
*A Citizen in Distress
Another Favor
*Hard-to-Get Materials
Nothing But Scary Things Outside
*Protect My Dear Friend
Sharpened Kitchen Knife
You a****** MAD!
Lost Camera
*False Eyelashes Flew Away
Accidental Litterbug
Maintaining Good Health
Sunken Mood
Seeking Azure Holy Water
*A Normal Kite Is Not Enough
*Show Me A Skill! #10

*Show Me A Skill! #11
*Show Me A Skill! #12 (unlocks removal lv. 3)
*Lend Me a Hand
*New Verse Maiden PV

Chapter 8(1.250.000)
Exterminate This Heinous MAD!
Present For Mommy
Bruises on a Maiden’s Skin?
Favorite Flashlight
*Elusive Herb
Gather Research Materials Again
A Lower-Back-Pain Crisis!
*Regretting Not Pocketing It
Interestingly Colored Ribbon
Fast-Acting Item of Suspect
I’m in a Terrible Mood
Save My Friend!
Cheer Up My Grumpy Sis
*Show Me A Skill! #13 (Unlocks Breakthrough and analyze lv. 3)
*Show Me A Skill! #14 (Unlocks Elimination and Sacred Zone lv.3)
Show Me A Skill! #15 (Unlocks Dowsing Lv.3)
*Make a New Video!
Baby Bird Rescue

 Chapter 9 (2.000.000)
*A Humongous MAD! #3
*A Humongous MAD! #4
*A Humongous MAD! #5
A Rare Blue Flower
Are Land Pearls Like Sea Pearls?
Fix the Leaky Roof
*Lost Child or Lost Parents?
Workout Zone Encroachment


 Combos I’ve found so far//Why the fuck isn’t there a master list ANYWHERE ONLINE????????

Stecca Staccto + Heldentenor Lance (Otoha + Kyouka) [ Lucerne Hammer]
Celesta Parry + Attack Stride (Aria + Nene) [Landler]
Swallow’s Wings + Empytean Hammer (Kana + Otoha) [ Morning Star]
Thiasis Moon + Wolf Shock (Aria + Kana) [ Warrior Arena ]
Impalement + Archer’s Bullet (Kyouka + Nene) [ Baionnette ]

Welkin + Macabre Dance + Archer’s Bullet (Kana + Aria + Nene) [ Third Melody ]
Wolf Shock + Break Prototype + Sumphony ( Kana + Otoha + Kyouka) [ Tricolor Sword ]

Valkyrie Nocturne + Fantasy Friant

Flame Arbalest:
Burning Blade – Razor’s Edge – Condemnation
Burning Blade – Spear Storm – Angel Sword
Incinerate – Razor’s Edge – Black Night

Spear Storm – Source Sword – Condemnation
Spear Storm – Aspersione – Angel Sword
Razor’s Edge – Source Sword -Black Night

Valkyrie Nocturne + Fantasy Friant [TRAGEDY]

What to Upgrade/Put on characters/ Focus on: 
Hammers: Song Power and Stamina
Spears: Vitality and Song Power
Fists: Technique and Stamina
Guns: Knowledge and Technique
Fans: Divinity and Technique.

Item Locations:#
Provided by SwordKirby123
2 – Expansion Disc Vol. 06 – NW room training facility floor 1.
#3 – Expansion Disc Vol. 07 – NE room training facility floor 1.
#4 – Pro-Wrestler’s Friend – From (story) mission Training Results #1
#5 – Music Textbook – From (story) mission Training Results #2
#6 – Little Kitty’s Big Adventure – Skyscraper Shelter first travel point, middle room of that area in elimination chest.
#7 – Expansion Disc Vol. 20 – Be With the One You Adore sidequest (kyouko quest chain where you need to provide EP)
#8 – Expansion Disc Vol. 21 – Be With the One You Adore sidequest (kyouko quest chain where you need to provide EP)
#9 – Book of Prophecy – Arid Wilderness (Northern Wastelands) near save point by the ‘bridge’ over the chasm; in an elimination level 2 chest.
#10 – Expansion Disc Vol. 14 – Buy from Collection Box (shop near mission screen in office; the coin with the omega on it).
#11 – Expansion Disc Vol. 15 – Show Me A Skill #4 Reward.
#12 – Someone’s Poem – Yamate Town Ruins in the broken house to the right (north) of the start past the level 2 sacred zone.
#13 – The Three Who Kill – Verdant Greenbelt (Stargazers Field) south through sacred zone field ability then east. Bridge the southern gap with breakthrough level 2, if not done yet. Item should be in a normal chest.
#14 – Dance Choreography Notebook – Arid Wilderness (Valley Supply Base) south from entry, not entering the building, dowse a chest (dowsing lv. 2).
#15 – Middleton Education Anthology – Skyscraper Shelter; east, then south from corridor checkpoint in a normal chest.

^ You also get upgrades from there too ^


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