Close minded.

Why is it when (mostly) if not all conservatives refuse to see a liberal point of view?
I was reading some comments recently and someone was pointing out the financial stability of countries whom are ran by socialism and how they are succeeding but most of the arguments against that is “why aren’t you living there then?”
That isn’t a counter argument.
Many would consider me as a liberal, yes, however I am very open mindedΒ and welcome to hearing the viewpoints of others especially conservative and I just wish conservative people weren’t so close minded. I don’t see liberals spreading so much hatred, but it is there. I’m not going to lie and say all liberals do not act rude towards conservatives but many conservatives are extremely hostile towards liberals.

There’s also the fact that evidently conservatives get very upset about how liberals evidently want the government to control their lives but the only thing that I see is that conservatives want to ban or make illegal basic human rights.
Abortion, is a right. We have a right to chose what we do with our body.
Being Gay/LGBTQ, is definitely a right that we have. We have no choice on who we fall in love with and that shouldn’t changeΒ  if we can get married, be open, or not..


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