Smite: God Guide.

Hello! I made a basic guide to smite/casualΒ  in which I described what certain items did and how to use them, in this guide I’m going to list all 92 gods, and what they do in order to help you know what to build against and for them!

Agni– Agni, the Hindu god of Fire, Mage.Β  (Ranged, Stun)
Agni has a series of ranged attacks and a get out option. His first ability is a Gas that is thrown on the ground. It does damage per second and if Agni uses any of his fire abilities on it, you’re stunned.Β  His second ability is just kind of like a flame wave, and his third ability is a dash. You can use either of those abilities in order to activate his first ability; however I usually save the 3rd ability for a getaway.
His Ultimate attack has a very short cooldown (18 seconds) and can be shot up to 3 times in a target location. Agni becomes immobile for a few seconds while doing this so choose wisely/when you’re going to ult someone.Β  This also works with his first ability for the stun if you can time it. I don’t really advise randomly throwing his ultimate around like most people do, timing it for the right moment when people have low health or to help in a team fight is very critical thinking and strategy.
His passive also allows him to set people a blaze with his second and third ability after 4 basic attacks. This can be used in combination with his first ability in order to get an instant stun.

Note: I am not a really good Agni, but this is a basic build that I would use with him:

Book of TothBook of Thoth or Warlock SashΒ Warlock's Sash
I usually build my stack items first, because it definitely takes a long time. Warlock’s Sash is 100 and Book of Toth is 75. Toth gives that extra mana increase because he’s a mana machine, but Warlock Sash gives that health buff that you can use plus a mana increase. Its up to you which one you’d prefer to use.

TBH i’ll do the rest later lmao i’ve been typing all day. stay tuned for the rest of the build/gods.


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