Drug Abuse/Addiction

This seems to be a hot topic lately by people who do not understand what they are talking about so I decided to share a little insight or my opinion on Addiction/Drug Abuse.


Addiction comes in all shapes and sizes, believe it or not, many people are addicted to things. Whether it be drugs, a type of food, or what we like to call “habits” as well. Some people can’t “live without” chocolate, or some people can’t live with out drinking a certain type of soda. Addiction is all around us, however we chose to dismiss and throw out drug-addiction because it is unhealthy (well newsflash, soda is unhealthy too). In this particular blog post I’m going to closely discuss drug-addiction and the affects it has on other people and the effects it has on yourself.

Many people think drug-addiction is just a weakness and that people who have chosen to do drugs are weak, degenerate, bigots, however that is not always the case. From my personal experience (speaking as someone who has never done any sorts of drugs aside from prescription[and not in an addictive way]) two people very close to me (as well as many people in my life) have been addicted to drugs, heavily. The two people close to me, who I will call Nancy and Bob in order keep their true identities a secret in case any one from my family or my friends decide to read this, have since quit but I would like to use them as an example.

Bob and Nancy both have done drugs for many years, ranging from Marijuana (practically harmless) to cocaine or heroin. Bob and Nancy have been clean for years.

Bob has no health risks to him from drug abuse. He has explained to me that he was very sanitary with his usage, not sharing needles or straws with other people. Etc. etc.

Nancy, has developed Hepatitis C. Which can be assumed it was from sharing drugs and needles (or sex, but regardless Nancy hung out with a lot of people that did drugs and had several partners)

Bob had had a rough past, and so has Nancy. Their friends did drugs and obviously, peer pressure has had a play in this; which in school; everyone teaches you about peer pressure but they never teach you about drug abuse, just to say no to drugs. But not all the time, “No” can be the case.

Sometimes you want to experiment, everybody wants to adventure out. Telling someone to not do something usually wants to make them do it more. Instead of pushing people with an addiction problem away, and being rude and nasty;  I believe if there were more programs to educate young adults and/or adults in general about the use of drugs and what it can do to you or a loved one would help little the risks of drug-abuse. There are very little classes that honestly  tell us what drugs can do to the body, and the risks people take when they inject anything in to their body. Many of us are ignorant  to something that surrounds us and develop our own thoughts and opinions of “drugs are bad so you’re bad” But not all addicts are bad.

Addicts are often ridiculed, belittled, demeaned, basically the definition of poorly-treated because of their actions. Actions do have consequences, but they are not subhuman because they had given in to peer pressure or have given in to temptation. I am not religious, but for those readers who are Christian, didn’t Adam give in to temptation? Weren’t there times you have given in to temptation? it may not be to something as life-threatening as drug abuse, but at least once in your life you give in to something tempting.

I also believe that there should be more educational classes of some kind of safe drug abuse to reduce the risks of overdoses. Bob was smart about his drug use, he took the proper precautions in order to not develop any sort of disease of any kind. Bob is clean, and so is his bill of health. Maybe instead of pushing people who abuse drugs away, we try to find a way to meet in the middle. To be safe about it.

I saw a video earlier of someone yelling at someone about doing drugs and basically demeaning them and telling them their problems are not valid, that their addiction is not valid. That they chose to be addicted. Nobody chooses to be addicted, you do however choose to do the drug. If you get addicted or not to it, is not in your jurisdiction but how your brain or body reacts to said substance. Your body or mind will develop a craving to it, and of course you’ll need to get your fix.
Everybody seems to expect people to quit substance abuse cold turkey, but  nobody takes into consideration that detoxing can make you sick, detoxing can kill you and you’re going to do whatever it is you can to make yourself not feel like you’re dying. Rehabilitation does not work for everyone because the proper actions are not being taken in centers.

Education and Knowledge is power.

We aren’t going to eradicate drug use in the world, its given, but we can at least be educated and at least educate other people about what drugs can do to you and your loved ones as well as providing information on how to safely use if people are going to.


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