I’m in many groups on facebook, mostly gaming communities in order to find new friends, content, people to play with, or memes. I’ve also been trying to break out of my social anxiety shell and post more publicly; however I’ve noticed no matter what you post you; you’ll get hate. .. even if its something that isn’t even worth getting angry or upset over.

For example,

I made a post in an MMO group, not complaining just trying to get other people’s opinions on a subject whilst giving my own opinion; and the negativity was outstanding. Of course, the good outweighed the bad but its still outstanding.

So, I tried making a post that was funny for people to laugh at andΒ I still got people who were annoyed.Β Like one or two comments that says “nobody cares” / “nobody cares anymore” or things along the lines of that; or “nobody noticed because you’re only hurting yourself not others” (which didn’t make any sense considering I’m a Healer class and they basically said DPS > Healing;Β Let me see you run a 24-man raid with no healers)

Why is it like this? I know I made a post before but the gaming community is so shitty now its sad. Not just to female gamers, but to male gamers too. I know that guys get a good chunk if not more of the toxicity, (name calling mostly, or rudeness… I guess its a testosterone thing) and girls get undermined and sexist/misogynist comments all the time.


Why can’t we all just get along?


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